Why You Need A Lightweight Backpack Leaf Blower

backpack leaf blower review

Leaves can be a real nightmare at times. You wake up in the
morning and find your garden to be full of fallen leaves. And you will hate the sweeping even more. That is why you need a lightweight backpack leaf blower. The leaf blower is specially designed to blow off the leaves in your garden and spare you of the burden of sweeping and raking.

Backpack or handheld

One of the first questions to answer when choosing a leaf blower model is whether to buy a handheld model or a Backpack Blower model. The handheld ones are cheaper but have less power. If you have a smaller garden with less leaves, then a handheld one is a good fit for you. But for those who have a larger garden that takes more than one hour to blow, a backpack model is what you should go for.

Other than the easy to carry feature, the backpack leaf blowers are usually more powerful than the handheld ones. So if you need more
power, a backpack model will suit you better.

Gasoline or electric

The leaf blowers come in both gasoline motors and electric motors. Gasoline motors are a lot noisier than electric models. So if you have many close neighbors, then a gasoline leaf blower will get you easily unpopular within your neighborhood.

The downside of the electric ones is that they are a cumbersome to use. The battery models need frequent charging and most of them
cannot be used in one charge for more than one hour. The wired ones limit your move. If you have a small garden, you can use one of these wired electric blowers, but when there are trees and bushes to maneuver around, the wire can soon become a world of trouble.

Benefits you should consider

So the question is why you need a lightweight backpack leaf blower? The best answer will be that it is an easy way of cleaning your garden.
The sweeping and racking is troublesome and you get direct contract with all the dirt. Not many people wish to get in to the dust and rake for hours. The backpack leaf blower keeps you out of the dirt and allows you to blow away the leaves as you please.

When handling a leaf blower, whether it is handheld or a backpack model, you are recommended to use protection. Your protective gear will include heavy duty gloves to protect your hands, earplugs to protect from the noise and eye protection to cover your eyes from the things that get blown around.

Whether you have a small garden or a huge yard, a backpack leaf blower will save you a lot of time. You do to have to spend money on a special person to clean it for you. You can put the backpack motor on your back and use the blower to blow away the leaves. Use both hands for additional control. You will get use to the art of it in no time. And soon you will love the task of keeping you garden clean of those falling leaves.