Things to Consider When Buying a Doll House Today

4One kind of toy that stands the test of time are doll houses. As one generation follows another, the taste for playthings alters slightly until one generation loses interest on some of them. Plenty of toys also depends too much on their novel mechanics and gimmicks that manufacturers themselves know that it’s not going to be a cash cow that will last them for decades.

There are doll houses today that have been around for some time. Some of them have been in several generations as mother passes it on to their daughter and so on. Buying a new doll house have become slightly nuanced because of the many features introduced and incorporated in practically every toy. When buying a doll house, it’s important to keep some things in mind to avoid ending up with one that’s substandard. Here are some important considerations that buyers should take note of even before going to the store.

  1. Consider the size.

Bigger doll houses doesn’t always mean better. Sure, there may be more rooms to play with, but it’s easy for children to fail to see the value of every room in the doll house if presented with too many. Conversely, they won’t have much fun with a tiny doll house that will only let their dolls go from one room to another. A good balance must be observed. It’s also important to consider the space available in the child’s room or wherever the doll house will be placed. Kids need to have a good buffer space around their doll house or else they may keep bumping onto it and topple it over. It can spoil a child’s playtime really fast.

  1. What types of dolls are going to be used?

Doll houses have to match the theme of a child’s doll to some degree. Different brands and different lines of dolls will obviously make this difficult. But at least find a good doll house that won’t alienate most of the dolls the child has. Sticking to a theme will immerse the child better in their play sessions. If the dolls are too distinct from one another, it may be a good idea to ask for the input of the child to choose which doll house they want.

  1. Check for accessories.

Most doll houses today come with accessories like light and sound. There are so many new gimmicks added to toys these days thanks to technology. Avoid going for tacky lights, however. The doll house has to at least provide a semblance of a homey place where dolls can pose as family members, not as a spastic disco house. Sound can be a great addition sometimes, but manufacturers seem to prefer adding specific music that will reduce variety in pretend play. Ambient sounds and mainstream nursery rhymes are fine.

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