Guide To Picking A Portable DVD Player For Your Home

guide to portable dvd player

It is amazing to realize how electronic gadgets and tools like the internet have changed people’s lifestyle. Even small kids are well aware of the working of these gadgets and always have a demand for a new and more advanced one. However, handing over expensive iPads and iPhones to small kids is not a smart decision unless you can afford to get a new one every month. The company manufacturing these devices may claim them to be sturdy and offer a long term warranty on their products; damages due to dropping the device are generally not covered under the regular warranty.

According to the guide to buying the best portable dvd player the traditional cheap and portable DVD player is great for keeping your kids entertained while being at home or during long journeys. Before stepping out to start your search, you should keep certain things in mind like when and where is the device going to be used and who will be using it the most. Here are some other important factors that you may want to consider before purchasing a DVD player –

The screen size

Most probably, the device is going to be used by you and your kids for entertainment purpose. This will call for a bigger and wider screen for getting the most enjoyable experience of watching a movie or gaming while on the go. These come in two types – one is the standard 7 inch or 10 inch player and the other is a twin screen player with two separate screens that can be installed in the car as well.


As the device is going to be handled by kids or used during long road trips, durability and ruggedness is highly desirable. The unit should be immune to shock and vibrations and should have a compact rugged body.

Technical specifications

Make sure to check out the unit’s technical features like the maximum screen brightness, volume controls, audio output options, memory expansion options, remote control, etc. Also make sure that the player supports most of the file formats so that you can play all your video and audio CDs, DVDs including your home recordings.

Battery backup

It is a rather important consideration as the device is portable and you will expect it to run for longer time periods after charging. It will be great if the device has provision for getting charged in the car itself. You can also think about ordering an extra battery with it for extra backup.

Size and weight

For your convenience, it is very important that the device is lightweight and compact in size. These features will make it easier for you or the kids to carry it here and there. Also the light weight devices are less prone to falling and getting damaged due to their own weight.

Before handing over the device to your kids, read all the safety precautions and user manual and educate them on how to use the device safely and with care. If you are seeking a robust tool to bring on the road, search no further than a kids portable DVD player. Purchase one and you will discover it’s a great baby sitter and source of smiles for your youngster, along with a source of sanity, peace and quiet for you.