Comparing Wireless Dog Fences Available Today

wireless dog fence

Wireless dog fences are very popular these days. They have a lot of inherent advantages over other sorts of fences. People can get pretty much all of the advantages that they want with these products by comparing wireless dog fences available today. Most of these fences are not intended for young puppies, but they should work well for most dogs.

Havahart Radial-Shape

According to¬†, the Havahart Radial-Shape is the perfect fence for people who have a lot of land. It’s possible for this fence to cover a full eleven acres, which is more than most people are going to need anyway. The dogs will have plenty of room, one way or another. This fence can provide enough coverage for a very broad surface area.

This is a fence that really stands out when it comes to the signal reliability. This is one of the most important features of any wireless dog fence. People will really only be able to keep two dogs within this wireless fence system, so it might not meet the needs of some customers. However, for a lot of people, the ability to effectively contain two dogs is enough.

The collars will only be water resistant as opposed to waterproof, but that might not be as much of a problem in some climates. The minimum dog weight here is around eight pounds, but most dogs are larger than that anyway. The Havahart Radial-Shape is definitely a great wireless dog fence.

PetSafe PIF-300 Fence

This fence isn’t going to provide a very broad area of coverage. People will only be able to contain a half an acre within this fence. However, it should work well enough for the people who don’t have or need a great deal of land anyway.

This should still be enough space for a lot of dogs. People who have a lot of dogs should still find that this system will work for them. A half an acre is still a decent land area. The collars are waterproof, the signal reliability is very good, and people can get a lifetime limited warranty with this fence.

People might be frustrated by the fact that the receiver battery in this system is not rechargeable, which is different from what they’ll find with other systems. The 6-volt battery should still be able to last for around two to three months, however, so it shouldn’t fail without warning.

PetSafe Stay & Play Fence

With this fence, people will get coverage for three quarters of an acre. That should work well for a lot of people, many of whom won’t have much more land than that. They should able to keep a wide range of dogs there.

This is also a great fence for the people who have very small dogs. The minimum dog weight here is five pounds, which is lower than what people will find elsewhere. Between the waterproof collars, the rechargeable receiver battery, lifetime limited warranty, and the good signal reliability, people should find that this is a good fence.