Buying a Laptop for College

9Education has become quite a broad landscape thanks to the availability of different tools that can make it easy for students to learn their lessons better. The Internet, for example, provides so many supplementary and corroborative information that students can use to add more to what they learned at school. They can also use this information to assess and refute what they may have learned wrong in class.


Of course, using the Internet and education-based software requires investing on a capable machine; a laptop. For students of higher levels of education, sometimes a personal computer isn’t the best option to go about through their course. Especially since plenty of those who are in colleges and universities are always on the go. Not to mention those who live in dorms. A laptop is an essential tool for the modern student. But it laptops have more than one market to address, so it makes perfect sense to do some research on college laptop reviews at and other similar sites. Some laptops are meant for heavy use, which in turn compromises portability.


When buying a laptop, students should stay focused on what their intended use will be. It’s no secret that most people think about gaming rigs when buying anything that resembles a computer. But it’s absolutely important to remember that it’s going to be used for educational purposes. Getting carried away should not be an option.


One of the most important qualities of a good school laptop is portability. It has to fit well inside a school bag. Something that thick gaming laptops aren’t a good fit. Besides, who would want to lug around a large, heavy slab of laptop around campus all day? Come to think of it, why would anyone buy a non-portable laptop when they could get themselves a dedicated gaming PC? But that’s beside the point. Students go from one classroom to another, so for the sake of their backs, they should get a laptop that’s light but packs enough power for educational software.


Another important quality that a college laptop must possess, no compromise, is battery life. The device should last hours of use without needing to be plugged in because power outlets aren’t always available in classrooms. Even if they were found in every classroom, students who bought laptops with bad battery life, or those who have old laptops with failing batteries would flock the outlet and compete for it. Multi-socket extensions are short term solutions, and extremely dangerous when overloaded.


While some may find reviews to be time-consuming and repetitive, it’s important that students spend ample amount of time reading them. These reviews can help them decide by comparing different specifications to their ideal or preferred one. Reviews are also extremely helpful in debunking some outrageous manufacturer claims, particularly with battery life. It’s a subjective specification and everyone knows that manufacturers would ramp up this number by using mild testing. It’s unfair for students who expect the advertised ten hours of battery life, for example, only to end up with averaging seven.

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